Child Support Cases in Ohio Courts

The general rule of thumb for the attorney’s at The Nickolls Law Firm LLC with regard to child support is that a child deserves to have financial support from both parents.  Most law firms and all Ohio courts have programs that compute child support for the parties involved in child support cases, sometimes referred to as “guideline support.” The calculations are based on the gross income of the parent, child care costs and health insurance costs of the child or children.

When Ohio Courts Deviate from Guideline Support:

There are instances when the Court may deviate from guideline support. The court has to determine that the guideline support that is calculated would be unjust, or inappropriate, or not in the best interests of the child or children.

The most common instances for when a court deviates from guideline support are:

  • Special and unusual needs of the children;
  • Extended parenting time or extraordinary costs associated with parenting time
  • Disparity in income between parties or households;
  • Benefits that either parent receives from remarriage or sharing living expenses with another person;
  • Significant in-kind contributions from a parent, including, but not limited to, direct payment for lessons, sports equipment, schooling, or clothing;
  • The relative financial resources, other assets and resources, and needs of each parent;
  • The standard of living and circumstances of each parent and the standard of living the child would have enjoyed had the marriage continued or had the parents been married;
  • The physical and emotional condition and needs of the child;
  • The need and capacity of the child for an education and the educational opportunities that would have been available to the child had the circumstances requiring a court order for support not arisen; and
  • The responsibility of each parent for the support of others.*
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*Please note that this list does not include all factors and that each case is unique