Spousal Support in Ohio Divorce or Dissolution

Often the issue of spousal support is the most contested property issue in a divorce or dissolution. You should be aware that spousal support is awarded. There are, however, factors that a Court shall consider when making a determination of spousal support, which include:

What Courts Consider When Determining Spousal Support

  1. Income from the parties of all sources;
  2. Relative earning abilities;
  3. Ages and physical, mental, and emotions conditions;
  4. Retirement benefits;
  5. Duration of the marriage,
  6. Child care related limitations on outside employment during marriage;
  7. Standard of living of the parties established during the marriage;
  8. Education of the parties;
  9. Assets and liabilities of the parties;
  10. Contributions to earning ability of the other spouse;
  11. Time and expense necessary to acquire education/training/job experience;
  12. Tax consequences for each party of an award of spousal support; responsibilities; and
  13. Any other factor that the court expressly finds to be relevant and equitable.
  14. When developing a final agreement on spousal support you need to determine:
  15. The term (amount of time spousal support is paid);
  16. The amount of support to be paid; and
  17. Whether you want the court to have continued jurisdiction to modify the amount or terms of support.

Again, this is just a guideline for you to follow. When consulting with one of our divorce lawyers or family law attorneys you will be provided more in-depth legal advice on this issue. It is also important that you consult an attorney who frequently practices in the Ohio county where you are beginning your divorce or dissolution proceedings because each County may have its own standards (including the above) when determining a spousal support award. The attorneys at The Nickolls Law Firm LLC frequently practice in Cuyahoga County, Geauga County, Huron County, Lake County, Lorain County, and Summit County.  Call for a free consultation during which we can discuss questions regarding spousal support, or fill out our contact us form. 1.440.710.0988

Divorce & Dissolution

The Divorce or dissolution of a marriage is a very emotional and personal decision for an individual to make in his/her life. It is important to have experienced counsel guide you through the legal system. With the proper guidance, you can resolve legal issues in a way that minimizes the emotional stress for you and your family without compromising legal results.

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The process of divorce or dissolution does not have to be adversarial. Many families are unaware that there is a more effective tool in coming to a full resolution with regard to property, child custody, child support and spousal support and that is Mediation. Mediation allows for the parties to meet in a neutral, safe environment to discuss all the issues in their domestic relations case without the pressure of a court environment.

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Parenting Coordinator

Parenting coordinators are useful when parents are unable to communicate effectively with regard to day-to-day parenting issues. Each parent has direct access to the parenting coordinator and can call or email to get a timely response to a problem rather than having to wait for a hearing date. This can be a cost effective means of working through parenting problems without litigation.

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Post Decree

Post Decree Litigation is what occurs after the final divorce, dissolution and parenting agreements are entered with the Court. Oftentimes families need help regarding enforcement and modifications with property agreements, child support, spousal support, parenting agreements, etc.

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