The Divorce or Dissolution of a marriage is a very emotional and personal decision for an individual to make in his/her life. It is important to have experienced counsel guide you through the legal system. With the proper guidance, you can resolve legal issues in a way that minimizes the emotional stress for you and your family without compromising legal results.

We helps families resolve legal issues including:

The attorneys at The Nickolls Law Firm, LLC believe in applying their motto of advocacy, dedication and compassion to all clients who retain our counsel. Part of this process is to ensure that we communicate to you all your options while you move through the divorce/dissolution process. It is important that we work together as a team throughout your case in order to achieve the best resolution for your family.

Along the way, we protect your interests in negotiating separation agreements and parenting plans. We offer practical advice on how to minimize legal fees, gather the required financial and personal information, and use your preferred strategy to reach a settlement.

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