Post Decree Litigation

Post Decree Litigation is what occurs after the final decree is entered with the Court.

Oftentimes the litigation centers on:

  • Enforcement of your final property agreement;
  • Enforcement of your child support order;
  • Enforcement of your spousal support order;
  • Modification of child support;
  • Modification of spousal support;
  • Modification of parenting time schedules;
  • Modification of custody;
  • Modification of custody and parenting time due to relocation of a parent; and
  • Relief from Judgment.

All of the above requires you to meet certain burdens with the Court to obtain the relief that you are requesting. The attorney’s at Turk│Nickolls LLC can discuss your options should you want to seek any of the above actions once your final divorce/dissolution decree is filed with the Court.

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